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It Is the Best and Only Solution to Healthcare Coverage in America

There is No Solution to the Problem of Employee Healthcare Coverage

What have we learned? As we remember, frustratingly, businesses are getting squeezed and weighed down by the economy, forcing budget cuts and job cuts and – benefit cuts.

And now, in addition to employee benefits just being cut to save money, the surviving benefits are now having their costs more and more shared between the business and the employee. More and more financial responsibility for healthcare benefits is being shifted from the financially constrained company to the financially fearful employee.

And here is the financially fearful employee, not alone in your home, not alone in your neighborhood, not alone in your city, no alone in your state, not alone in America, are they?

Once again, over 8 in 10 of us have no savings, have less income than before and would have no home if we were to suddenly have to go without a paycheck for two or three months, due to job loss or an unexpected accident or illness and to compound this sharp pressure, now we are covering more of our health insurance, aren’t we?

And disgusting, yet absolutely predictably, cash-strapped and over exposed employees in Georgia are filing for bankruptcy left and right.

Why? Because traditional health benefits are expensive, especially in this economy and what’s more – these benefits are insufficient!

Hard working, middle class America right here are finding that not only is covering more of their health benefits putting more and more financial fear and gnawing stress in their gut, to their horror they are finding that when life strikes, their traditional coverage is leaving them indecent and exposed and coming out of their shallow pocket to cover deep expenses!
My God

6 in 10 bankruptcies in this entire country are due to medical expenses and a mass of people equivalent to five times the city of Atlanta are being forced into medical bankruptcy every single year and 8 in 10 of all the medically bankrupt have health insurance!

Obviously, traditional health benefits are insufficient and now certainly the obvious question is this – is there any solutions at all to this massive problem of expensive and dangerous traditional employee healthcare coverage?

Yes and yes and clearly the solution is this – voluntary benefits.

And now, I may be wrong, let’s examine the facts. Voluntary benefits solve the business’s financial problem by being free to offer and simultaneously saving the company much needed tax dollars. Plus, voluntary employee benefits solve the employee’s financial problem by being generally extremely affordable and tailored for this economy.

Furthermore, voluntary health benefits are a custom fit for the employee’s budget, choices, and needs for their family. Finally, voluntary benefits solve the employee’s healthcare problems by covering and securing them in the vulnerable life points that health insurance simply will never and can never cover for your family.